Our Vision

Our Vision is simply is a combination of the following: our creed, what we believe, our standards, and goals...

Our Basketball Creed: "As a Columbia Central student athlete, I commit to the process of greatness. To maintain a powerful body, heart, mind, and spirit. Knowing that every drop of sweat is an investment in the example I set for the next generation."

We Believe: When all of our student athletes work as hard as they can to obtain these standards, our program will ultimately thrive and we will reach all of the following program goals.

Standard 1: Our student athletes will exude strong character academically by maintaining an 80% average (or higher) in every course they take at Columbia Central High School.

Standard 2: Our student athletes will demonstrate the desire to go to a 4 year college by applying to several and being admitted to one of the top schools of their choice.

Standard 3: Our student athletes will demonstrate the desire to play basketball at the collegiate level and put in the work required to obtain an athletic scholarship.

Goal 1: To become the go to destination for families with young ladies interested in playing basketball at the highest level.

Goal 2: To be a front runner in District and Region play every year, advancing to the AAA State Championships in Murfreesboro.

Goal 3: To become the first team in school history (boys or girls) to win the AAA Basketball Championship at MTSU.